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Born of American ingenuity with Swiss roots, Wittnauer was built on the time-honored tradition of durable and dependable watches. In 1885, 16-year-old Swiss immigrant, Albert Wittnauer joined his brother-in-law, J. Eugene Robert, in New York to work in the family watch import business. While importing fine Swiss watches to New York, he discovered a need for watches that were as stylish as they were durable. He began to create pieces which used time-honored techniques inspired by the luxury and style of the era. The A. Wittnauer Company steadily grew in the United States under the leadership of Albert Wittnauer and his brothers Louis and Emile. When the last Wittnauer brother died in 1916, Martha Wittnauer became the first woman watchmaker CEO.
Today, the original brand principles of durability and dependability that made it the timepiece of choice for the adventurous spirit, remains firmly in place for Wittnauer. In this modern era, the brand adds a new dimension to time with elegant, simplistic, streamlined designs for men and women. The signature diamond-accents on each timepiece shows off Wittnauer’s high quality. Consistently crafted with superior materials and enhanced design details, Wittnauer is the brand that continues to shine and a preferred name in watches.